Read a selection of testimonials from my clients and business partners, not only telling you more about my services but also giving you a great snapshot of my personality.

Judith Jovellano Ravas

Owner & School Directress at Hands-On Kids International Preschool, Effretikon.

Dolly brought in a lot of new ideas and did a great job in transforming our homepage into a professional and efficient website. She works diligently, knows her field well, and provides excellent technical service according to the needs of her clients.

Antonis Koukouritakis

Head of Logistics INTOPS Region at Novartis Consumer Health

Dolly is a highly experienced professional capable of managing large scale IT projects and completing them successfully within budget and agreed timeframe. She communicates effectively at all levels both internally and externally, and she never loses focus from the key priorities and deliverables. I would strongly recommend her for any senior project management role as I am confident she will cope with challenging requirements and stretched goals.

Alex Margonis


I have worked with Dolly in developing our web-site and despite that it was from long distance our cooperation was excellent!! Resourceful, inspirational and lots of suggestions for the customer and above all quality work delivered on time. I issue this recommendation with great pleasure and I wish her much success in her future endeavors

Ioannis Despotopoulos


I know Dolly from the company where she works, IMPACT S.A. I can say, that, as many times as I needed technical support, her technical services was absolutely professional. She is absolute professional and I recommend her!

Athanasios Stournaras

Services Director at cosmoONE Hellas Marketsite S.A.

I have worked with Dolly on a number of IT projects, regarding application development and/or service provision. Pays attention to detail without losing the big picture. Dependable and reliable. In short, Dolly is both an excellent project manager and an experienced business analyst.

Nikos Papatheodorou

Project Manager IT Sales Solutions at PUMA

I have worked with Evdoxia on a B2C project for a luxury goods retail company. She has proved to be accurate and knowledgeable. She has good negotiation skills and a very calm personality. She coordinates efficiently and follows up in a timely manner.

Danny Yannaka

Internal Communication Specialist

Dolly is a reliable professional with strong skills in her area of expertise. She works hard to deliver any project that lead in time and in the budget.

Nikos Koumanis

xenia Exhibitions - Conferences S.A. | Trade Fairs & Conferences' Organiser | Marketing & Sales

Dolly is a customer-oriented business professional who understands customers' needs and makes every possible effort to satisfy these needs efficiently.

Michael Karayiannis

Services Director at cosmoONE Hellas Marketsite S.A.

Dolly is a very friendly, honest and reliable collaborator. Through her fine attitude she was very much liked by all our colleagues.

Stamatis Plytas

Visual & Interaction Designer at Arenacube

Dolly is a highly intelligent person, with excellent skills at managing projects, from the smallest to the more vast and complicated ones. She has a bending ear to the needs of the client, an analytical mind that comprehents and organizes the project to jobs, as well as excellent communication skills so that she passes it on to those who will implement it. She is strict but just, she is extremely responsible and persistant to high quality results in detail. Dolly is a project manager & web expert that I highly enjoyed working with, both for the proceduse and the results of our work together.

Ioannis Pantzis

Regional Head of Interface Management, EMEA I at Adecco management & consulting S.A.

Dolly is a strong leader that can control, execute and deliver. She is a highly-skilled professional with business and management background as well as project management and technical, hands-on skills. She has an excellent track record building successful business cases in innovation, e-business, etc. as well as successfully leading projects end-to-end in complex environments and under a lot of pressure, ensuring customer satisfaction and on-time, on-budget, quality delivery. She is very effective in representing company interests and arbitrate as needed to ensure success, essentially working as a liaison between business and IT, while being a favored person to work with by both internal and client teams.

Daisy Diamantopoulou

Marketing & Communications Manager, D.Diamantopoulos&Co.

Dolly is working both in a rapid pace and effectively. She comes up with solutions to every task that is assigned to her. She is able to manage even very complex projects and she coordinates successfully project budget, risk, team etc.