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Key benefits

Through Paperless Connect you will gain 

\\Considerable Cost Savings: from an average cost of 4€ to control and automatic invoice input.
7€ per paper invoice versus less than 1€ per electronic invoice,
achieved thanks to: \\Compliance Facilitation, such as faster update of monthly
`` Eliminated costs arising from consumables, print outs, paper invoicing reports or electronic invoicing tax & legal compliance.
envelopes, postage or courier costs
`` Improved productivity by getting rid of all time lost on
telephone calls made to ensure that customers have received
your invoices
`` Reducing the time needed for issuing an invoice: 5 to 14
minutes for the traditional invoice as opposed to only 1 minute
for an electronic invoice
`` Improved cash flow due to faster balance agreement

\\Additional Business Prestige, by:
`` Providing an updated and modern means of communication
with your partners
`` Joining the fastest developing network of companies that use
Electronic Invoicing in Greece and abroad
`` Enhancing your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility
strategy through the implementation of environment-friendly/
green practices

\\Greater Visibility and Control, thanks to the use of
features which are not available in traditional invoicing, such as
direct and guaranteed delivery to the customer, better invoicing
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